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4000 battery


Weight distribution is the reason to place the battery either under
the seat or the trunk.  The Audi S4 has a 50/50 weight distribution
and the battery is under the seat.  The BMW 325 also has 50/50 weight
distribution and the battery is in the trunk.  Breathing hydrogen is
not that bad ... but the sulfuric vapors could be a killer to your
sense of smell and an embarrasment if you're out on a date.

   From: zm@mhcnet.att.com
   Date: Thu, 15 Jul 93 14:31:53 EDT
   Original-From: mhcnet!zm (Zafer Mehmood  [209])
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   > Just out of curiousity, where is the battery located on the 4000?
   Is it > under the rear seat like in the 5000? On my 5000, there is
   a regular > sized Sears Diehard (put in by the previous owner) that
   doesn't look > like anything special was needed to put it in there.
   > > So, do you like breathing Hydrogen? Never let it be said that
   the Germans > would fall prey to doing something simple when a far
   more involved (and > expen$ive) solution presents itself that
   requires non-standard parts and > is generally a royal pain in the
   ass (having to pull the $#@#(@$@#!ing [stuff deleted]

   I have read that one of the major reasons for putting the battery
   I have read under
   the rear seat is weight distribution. The 5000 Quattro (and
   100/200Q, S4 too I guess) has near ideal 50/50 weight distribution
   contributing to vehicle stability. I have also heard that some cars
   (BMWs, I think) have their batteries in the trunk for the very same
   reason. I guess Audi could have put the battery in the trunk as
   well, but they would have to give up valuable cargo space.
   According to Consumer Reports, the Audi 5000 has the largest trunk
   space in its class.