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Re: older 4000 Q ?s

JGOEKE.UNIX11@mailsrv2.eldec.com writes (in reply to Glen Powell)
> >What was the first year 4000Q? 83? 84?
> >Anyone know if they were available in the US without AC? sunroof?
> >power windows? door locks? etc?
> I beleive 84 was the first year, and it came in one model only...Loaded,
> with air, power front windows, cruise, and that wonderful piece of s**t VW
> single interior light just above the drivers head.  The only options I know
> of were leather seats and power sun roof.  Mine has the sun roof.

I bought my 84 4000S Q from the original owner, who saved all the 
maintenance records,etc :-) including the original window sticker.  
>From the "Standard Equipment at no Extra Cost" portion, abbreviated
to save some typing effort:
	power steering, brakes, windows, mirrors, locks, antenna
	A/C, cruise
	velour cloth upholstery
	rear window defrost
	front air dam, rear trunk lid spoiler
	3-point belts front/rear

and a raft of other miscellaneous stuff that doesn't weigh very much.
Mine shows a power sunroof on the options list, along with "no charge"
for dark brown cloth upholst. and alpine white paint (big deal, eh?)

The list does say "Illuminated glove box, trunk, lighter, and ashtray"
but doesn't mention the damn interior light; apparently they figured
(correctly) that it wasn't worth mentioning.  Maybe they were afraid
of lawsuits for "implied suitability for intended purpose" :-)

The next question, of course, is: That's for the 4000 *S*.  Were there
any "non-S" 4000 quattros in the U.S.?

-- Ray