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Re: older 4000 Q ?s


>What was the first year 4000Q? 83? 84?
>Anyone know if they were available in the US without AC? sunroof?
>power windows? door locks? etc?

I beleive 84 was the first year, and it came in one model only...Loaded,
with air, power front windows, cruise, and that wonderful piece of s**t VW
single interior light just above the drivers head.  The only options I know
of were leather seats and power sun roof.  Mine has the sun roof.

>I'm trying to determine if the 84 4000SQ at 2820 lbs is the lightest
>of the 4000Qs. I show 2930 lbs for the '86, '85 should be similar.

The 84 should be the lightest (don't they always get heavier each year ;-)
I weighed mine at a SCCA divisional, and it came in at 2750.  That was with
about 1/2 tank of gas and all other stuff removed (spare, tools, etc).

>Looking to build a new auto-xc car for next season (Shhhhhhhhh!)

Cool.   ---JCG.