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Re: older 4000 Q ?s

Glen Powell x767 writes:
> What was the first year 4000Q? 83? 84?
> Anyone know if they were available in the US without AC? sunroof?
> power windows? door locks? etc?

As far as I know (and I might be wrong), the first 4000 quattro for the
U.S. was model year 1984, with the early-style front and rear styling,
and old-style dashboard/trim.  The 1984 car also comes with central
locking and manual sunroof standard.  There is also power windows
standard, operating the front doors only.  The rear doors have manual

For 1985 the sunroof and rear door windows became electric,
the interior got the new dashboard and long door map pockets,
and the differential lock controls became a rotary knob rather
than a pull-out button.  Exterior wise there's new front and rear
styling, side rocker panel skirts, and covers for the center of
the Ronal wheels.  The 1985-1987 models are essentially unchanged.

All U.S. 4000 quattros from 1984-1987 should have A/C standard, and they
all come with the 2226cc 5 cylinder with 115hp.

> I'm trying to determine if the 84 4000SQ at 2820 lbs is the lightest
> of the 4000Qs. I show 2930 lbs for the '86, '85 should be similar.

The 84 should be the lightest.  Given that there is no change in
engine output over the years, it should also be the quickest.
Personally, I like the 84 styling better than the 85-87.  It
looks more like a sport sedan rather than a family sedan.

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