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4000 battery

   I have read that one of the major reasons for putting the battery under
   the rear seat is weight distribution. The 5000 Quattro (and 100/200Q, S4
   too I guess) has near ideal 50/50 weight distribution contributing to
   vehicle stability. I have also heard that some cars (BMWs, I think) have their
   batteries in the trunk for the very same reason. I guess Audi could have
   put the battery in the trunk as well, but they would have to give up valuable
   cargo space. According to Consumer Reports, the Audi 5000 has the largest
   trunk space in its class.

And the '83 TQC has got to have one of the smallest trunks ever made, (rated
12 cu ft I think). I guess I would hate to loose even more of an already
tiny trunk to a battery...