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Dirty gas

    The saga continues.  As some may recall, I posted a story about how
    the fuel pump on my 5000 CSQ was cavitating, making horrible noises,
    and the car was losing power intermitently.  The problem turned out
    to be the fuel filter.

    Well, as a continuance of using dirty gas, my mechanic tells me the
    fuel distributor ($635 list price) isn't delivering fuel to the
    number one cylinder.  The problem is that the delivery orfices are
    small enough that they're machined using a laser.  The good part is
    that, after he machines a 3.5 mm allen wrench, the metering needle
    can (sometimes) be used to clear the orfice.  Won't know till

    So, to re-iterate, don't buy dirty gas.  That is: go to a gas station
    that sells lots of gas, is a national brand, is of fairly recent
    construction, and one that you think is at least inclined to make
    sure every thing is clean.


			Marty Halvorson