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HELP Audi 4000s pwr door locks

Howdy, fellow Audi-philes!

Can anyone offer two (2) pieces of advice 

My 1986 Audi 4000s's driver's door central key lock 
does not open/close.  The key wiggles in the lock 
without resistant.  So i have to access my car by unlocking
the passenger door.  When i pull up or push down on the master
lock inside the car on the drivers door the central locks open
and close as they should-- so the system is powered.

My drivers side door handle has been loose for a year, and i wonder
if this could be connected and/or repaired simultaneously.

400 miles and one day previous to my pwr lock failure,
my speed'o'meter and trip-meter stopped working at 68,000 miles.  
I had this problem at about the same
mileage in my 1982 Audi, but atleast the trip meter worked.  So in that
case my consolation was that i could tell my mileage without affecting 
the resale value!  However, i think this is illegal and would also 
like to fix it at reasonable cost.

Thanx in advance, and the car runs swell on the Texas Autobahn:)


Deep in the heart of Texas --A&M University