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Re: Errors-To: no-one@aries.east.sun.com


Sometimes, one or more members of the alias are not accessible
for several reasons; their machine is down, their Internet feed
is off-line, or perhaps they moved to a new site and their
account was removed. Anyways, when this happens, you may
get a "bounced" mail message from these member's mail systems
which can be interpreted as problems with your original message
"not getting through" to the quattro alias.

Rest assured that unless you get a mail error stating that
the quattro alias machine itself (aries.East.Sun.COM) is not
accessible, your message successfully made it through.

If you consistantly get Email error messages, please 
send them to me at:


and I will investigate (time permitting).

	-dave t.

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>From ak296@yfn.ysu.edu Wed Jul  7 10:36:07 1993
From: ak296@yfn.ysu.edu (John R. Daker)
To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
Subject: Errors-To: no-one@aries.east.sun.com
Reply-To: ak296@yfn.ysu.edu
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>Also, I'm getting a lot of bounces and undeliverables....how do I specify an
>"Errors-To" line in elm and who do I send the errors to (ie. no-one@aries.etc)?

Ditto here.  Every time I send out a letter to the list, I get three bounces
back (or more).

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