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Re: older 4000 Q ?s

Data point: The 87 Coupe GT model began with the 2.2L/115 HP engine, 
but later in the year it came with the 2.3L/130 HP engine and was 
dubbed "special edition". I suspect Audi had to "re-tool" in late 87 
in order to gear up for the new 80/90 models in 88. Sorry, don't know 
about the 87 4000Q, but *I think* the engine remained was unchanged.

	-dave t.

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>All U.S. 4000 quattros from 1984-1987 should have A/C standard, and they
>all come with the 2226cc 5 cylinder with 115hp.

Didn't they increase the displacement from 2.2L to 2.3L sometime around 87?
I think this also bumped the power from 115 to 130hp.  Or was this when
they brought out the 80-90 series.   ---JCG.

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