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60K Audi Coupe Quattro Service Experience - Argghh!!!


I just had my first experience with servicing my 90 Coupe Quattro at MY
expense instead of under the Freebie program:

I had only two main complaints/problems, but there BIGGIES

1.   My Ignition Distributor was "full of oil" and had to be replaced.
     Normally a $300 job (p/l).  I bitched that since I was only at 57K
     miles, "it was extremely interesting that this happend so soon after
     warranty"...  After some more complaining, I brought this charge down
     to $100... sigh.

     Anybody out there heard of/experienced this problem? (Why does Audi
     mount the distributor sideways? - seems this is askin for trouble if/
     when the seal breaks...)

2.   BRAKES!!!!!

     Why are the brakes so )_(^&(*&^)*&^ expensive to replace???
     I am "95% gone on rear" and "75% gone on front" (this is the pads)
     and to replace them would run a total of $800.00!!! Nevermind that
     at 45K miles (currently at 57K) they were "50% worn F/R"...

     I don't quite understand why, if I am not currently into the rotors
     why the rotors must be replaced as part of getting new pads...
     Can anyone out there explain?  Is there a cheaper alternative

3.   Alternatives for Service in future???

     Any good places in Eastern/Central Ma?  I am done with Bernardi's in
     Natick (formerly Annis) due to HIGH $.  I've heard a couple of good
     things about European Engineering in Framingham (Rt. 30 near Rt. 9).
     Any others?

Other than this Maintenance cost, I've NO complaints, still eats most cars on
the road in the rain, sleet, snow (esp. THIS last winter)...

Thanks in advance for perspectives.

David Wagner

'90 Coupe Quattro
'91 80
'87 GTI