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60K Audi Coupe Quattro Service Experience - Argghh!!!

   I just had my first experience with servicing my 90 Coupe Quattro at MY
   expense instead of under the Freebie program:

HAH Hah hah hah ah.....

   2.   BRAKES!!!!!

	Why are the brakes so )_(^&(*&^)*&^ expensive to replace???

Welcome to the privilege of owning fine Teutonic Engineering. Wait till
some of the more expensive parts start going!

	I am "95% gone on rear" and "75% gone on front" (this is the pads)
	and to replace them would run a total of $800.00!!! Nevermind that

Pardon the French, but <<Bullshit>> comes to mind . . . I just had my
front *Calipers* replaced at $139 per wheel *INCLUDING PADS*, so some-
how I find $200/wheel for pads hard to believe.

	I don't quite understand why, if I am not currently into the rotors
	why the rotors must be replaced as part of getting new pads...
	Can anyone out there explain?  Is there a cheaper alternative

There is no way the rotors should need replacing now if the brakes were
properly maintained (of course the way you drive . . . [Hi Dave!])

This sounds like your chain being yanked big time to me.

   3.   Alternatives for Service in future???

	Any good places in Eastern/Central Ma?  I am done with Bernardi's in
	Natick (formerly Annis) due to HIGH $.  I've heard a couple of good
	things about European Engineering in Framingham (Rt. 30 near Rt. 9).
	Any others?

I *HIGHLY* recommend EPE. Take your brakes there and see what they say about
the rotors.

   Other than this Maintenance cost, I've NO complaints, still eats most cars on
   the road in the rain, sleet, snow (esp. THIS last winter)...

So would mye olde Subaru 4WD wagon, and it couldn't get out of its own way
if it jumped off a cliff (and neither can my Audi for that matter)! I used
to enjoy going Porsche-hunting during a good blizzard! But yeah, the Audi
certainly has a "sure-footed solidity" to it that's hard to beat. I just
wish somebody like Ford (or better yet Mitsubishi) would get into the game
and drive the prices down and the reliability up . . .