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Re: 60K Audi Coupe Quattro Service Experience - Argghh!!!

>      Why are the brakes so )_(^&(*&^)*&^ expensive to replace???

because they are one of the most profitable items for the service dept.


>      I am "95% gone on rear" and "75% gone on front" (this is the pads)
>      and to replace them would run a total of $800.00!!! Nevermind that
>      at 45K miles (currently at 57K) they were "50% worn F/R"...

i've had the brakes on my v8 checked a lot of times as part of the
routine audi advantage service.. each time, the percentages are
different and not neccesarily in decreasing order with time..  i.e.
successive checks sometimes show that the pads are growing!!!

my friend was told that his jetta gli needed new pads and i didn't
believe it, so we jacked up the car, removed the wheels and saw that
there was at least 50% of the pads left all round.. i suggest you do
this inexpensive step first.