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Trunk Size (was: 4000 battery)

   >?And the '83 TQC has got to have one of the smallest trunks ever made, (
   >12 cu ft I think). I guess I would hate to loose even more of an already
   >tiny trunk to a battery...

   My Miata only has 3.6 cu ft of trunk space and there is a 'tiny' $130 battery
   in there.  Also, there is a donut tire taking up space.  My wife, my dog and
   I will be taking the 4000Q to the beach next week because its lagrer.  Don't
   forget about back seat space, too.  We consider the Audi our "BIG" car.

I don`t deny there are smaller trunks (Your Miata for instance, and my old
Lotus Europa). And Audis are definitely *big* cars (anything that weighs
twice what my Lotus did is *big*). And certainly the Ur Quattro was the
nadir of Audis, trunk wise - although part of that is because of the mon-
ster 24-gallon gas tank(*). But I still have to remove the mini-spare tire in
order to fit my rifle case in the trunk. (But the Lotus would never be able
to handle the rifle case short of an outside "ski-rack" type mount...). The
back seat is indeed spacious (and comfortable as long as the weather doesn't
require A/C opertion -- when I drove around the country the back seat was
the primary storage facility, and the trunk was for little odds'n'ends...


(*) = a trade-off of which I wholeheartedly approve!