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Trunk Size (was: 4000 battery)

Reply-To: rdh@sli.com (or uunet!sli!rdh)
>?And the '83 TQC has got to have one of the smallest trunks ever made, (rated
>12 cu ft I think). I guess I would hate to loose even more of an already
>tiny trunk to a battery...

My Miata only has 3.6 cu ft of trunk space and there is a 'tiny' $130 battery
in there.  Also, there is a donut tire taking up space.  My wife, my dog and
I will be taking the 4000Q to the beach next week because its lagrer.  Don't
forget about back seat space, too.  We consider the Audi our "BIG" car.

          Actually, the TQC battery location is under the rear seat
          and is better vs in the trunk from a minimum moment of
          inertia view. Might/might not be better from a weight dist