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Re: Which shocks/struts?


>1. Glen mentioned the Koni Sport adjustables. How is the ride compared to
>the Boges? Are they externally adjustable or does everything have to come
>out?  Also, do the Konis come with a lifetime warranty like the Boges?

I too have the Koni Sport adjustables on my 84 4000 Q.  I think Koni
warrents them for quite a while.  Mine are the hydraulic ones.  These were
the only thing adjustable when I put them in in 89.  They are great, but
not easy to adjust.  You would have to take them out or use the special
Audi tool you mentioned, to adjust them.  Mine are set at 1/2 and are a bit
firmer than stock.  I like it that way, and find it just fine on the road.

>2. There are apparently two types of Boge struts - the plain hydraulic
>which are an OEM equivalent and the Boge Turbogas which are little stiffer
>and offer better handling and cost slightly more. Any one have any
>recommendations - the plain hydraulics vs. the Turbogas?

Most gas shocks have external adjusters, and are easy to set.  The
hydraulic Koni's are internal and a pain.

>..The parts guy suggests I get the
>Boges ($88 each for hydraulic or $99 each for Turbogas, after the usual
>discount he gives me) instead of the OEM Sachs. He`ll also give the
>lifetime warranty.

I mail ordered my Koni's for $70 front, $90 rear back in 89.

>3. Is $90 reasonable for installing the strut inserts? On a 5000, the job
>is straight-forward - the strut inserts can be removed and installed
>through the hole in the shock towers without removing the strut assembly
or >compressing the spring. A special tool is needed though (an extra long
>socket to open the strut cap) which I don't have (over $100 for the tool

Sounds high if he's using that trick tool.  Won't take them more than 1/2
hour to do both.  Now if they were taking them out the normal way, that
would be reasonable.   ..I wonder if they have that trick tool for the 4000
:-)   ---JCG.