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Re: RE: Which shocks/struts?


>The Koni's are "double acting", meaning they dampen on both the up
>and down stroke. Sounds like a good idea, but it makes the ride horrible.

Depends on what you want.  The Koni Sport adjustable hydraulic is suppose
to be stiffer than the OEM, even at the lowest setting.  Depending on where
they are set will affect the ride, but will improve the handling of the
car.  This is a normal engineering compromise.

>The OEM struts only dampen on the way down making the initial "thump" of a
>bump dissapear.

I think this might be backwards.  Damping on both compression (shock piston
and car going down) and rebound (going up) is normal for all shocks.  Some
adjustables do not adjust (stiffen) on both directions, but all the ones
I've heard of at least affect the rebound.  Some affect both.  I've never
heard of one that adjusted just the compression.