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Re: Air filter...


  I purchased a Puralator air filter for my 87 5000CS TQ.  They can be
had an the local Pep Boys, National Auto, etc...  I do have a K&N for
my '79 Scirocco (which I autocross).  It really didn't occur to me to get
one for the Audi, but it seem like a good idea.  What did you pay for
yours?  (my VW one was $30).  BTW, I think you need to oil the new ones.
I borrowed some oil from a friend.
  I also found a really easy way to replace the filter element on the
5000 turbo.  Simply remove the metal intake pipe between the air
metering unit and the turbocharger.  Undo the clips and wiggle the
entire intake side of the air box (w/ filter) out of the car.  This
is really simple and only occured to me after yanking the old filter