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factory alarm system

  I have an '87 5000CS TQ and the owners manual and Bently manual talk about
an alarm system which detects door being opened w/out a key and has it's own
control box, horn.  It connects to a few other things, but I forget what
they are.  As near as I can tell, my car did not come with this.  I'd like
to see if I can install the parts and have this alarm for my car.  The
local dealer indicated I'd have to change a lot of wiring in order to install
this, but I think that is BS.  As far as I can tell, Audi/VW usually don't make
more than one wiring harness for any given model of car.  They just leave out
things as options warrant.  Sooo, I figure I can just plug in the control
box, siren and have myself an alarm (w/o the muss and fuss of running/splicing

What does anybody know about this??