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Re: Sunroofs (...rooves?)


>	There has been some talk about sunroofs....
>	In my 4000s, my electric motor died.  I yanked it out & now
>	simply pretend I have no sunroof.  For those of you who have
[ stuff deleted ]
>	Sounds expensive, no?  Any one know of a good (cheap) source?
>	Is it possible to replace w/ a manual crank.

Yes, Yes.  I'm *SURE* it would be expensive and it is possible to replace
w/ manual crank.  I did the opposite conversion on an '86 VW Quantum Syncro.
(just like an Audi 4000Q, almost....)
I actually went to a junk yard and pulled the electric motor and cover plate
w/ light from another Quantum and put it in the Syncro.  Bolted right up!
I did use the delayed light from the Syncro instead of the plain one from
the other Quantum (involved a little hacking).  The motor mechanism is
identical to the one in the 86 Audi 5000, etc.  I was able to get the motor
for about $30, so it is worth a try, but you can always to manual.