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RE: older 4000 Q ?s


Follow up to mail dated:  14-JUL-1993 01:05:23.94

To the person who asked about HP of European models, the answer is
that your conversion factors are correct.  My humble and meek
looking 1983 RHD 80Q had 136 HP from the 2144/5.

However, you paid a price - the car was stripped compared
to its 1984 US 4000Q equivalent.  Taking Ray's list of features
and editing it...

Features in US version that are NOT in Euro 1983 RHD 80Q

	No power mirrors or antenna
	No A/C, No cruise
	No velour upholstery
	No gauges (not even temp, just fuel & see below)
	No power sunroof
	No radio
	No EPA-compliant pollution controls
	No alloy wheels
	No chrome fittings (handles, cranks, etc)

Features in both

	power steering, brakes, front windows & locks 
	rear window defrost
	front air dam, rear trunk lid spoiler
	3-point belts front/rear
	tach & upshift indicator (was the upshift arrow in US model?)
Features in Euro 80Q

	136 HP FI 2144cc, 5 cyl, with special headers & exhaust
	non-velour cloth upholstery
	heated drivers seat with thermostat & no on/off switch!
	idiot lights for temp blue for cold, red for overheat
		(yes, when you started the car up on a cold morning
		 a blue idiot lamp told you that it was cold!!!)
	infamous Econ-o-meter - on a 136 HP car!!!
	steel wheels with covers
	plastic interior fittings (cranks, handles, etc)

>From reading the history of the Quattro, the 1983 RHD 80Q was
a rush job to get a car into the UK market so they just took
the LHD version and moved the steering gear.  The only other
thing that changed was that a separate hydraulic clutch fluid reservoir 
was installed on the drivers side rather than taking the fluid from
the brake fluid reservoir.  The windshield wipers were left the
same as on the LHD version which meant that they were "wrong" for
a RHD car (notice how there is unswept area on your passenger side -
try driving with that!).

Cheers, Joe