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Re: Euro vs. US spec (Was older 4000 Q ?s)

There is one other significant difference between the US and Euro spec cars.
My 83 100 with the 2144/5 and 86 5000 with the 2.2/5 feel different because
of the different state of tune of the engines.  The German spec engine,
rated at 136 PS, had a definite and enjoyable torque peak between roughly
3000 and 4000 rpm.  The US spec engine, although it makes the same wonderful
noises and gives an even better impression of bullet proof invincibility never
seems to "come up on the cam."  Its rated at 110 hp, and the torque curve seems
to rise gently without that lump that motivated one to shift more frequently
when running hard just to keep within that rpm range.

Jason  (86 audi 5000 - the maximum vw)