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RE: older 4000 Q ?s

In message 'RE: older 4000 Q ?s', Joe writes:

>To the person who asked about HP of European models, the answer is
>that your conversion factors are correct.  My humble and meek
>looking 1983 RHD 80Q had 136 HP from the 2144/5.
>However, you paid a price - the car was stripped compared
>to its 1984 US 4000Q equivalent.  Taking Ray's list of features
>and editing it...
>Features in US version that are NOT in Euro 1983 RHD 80Q
>	No power mirrors or antenna
>	No A/C, No cruise
>	No velour upholstery
>	No gauges (not even temp, just fuel & see below)
>	No power sunroof
>	No radio
>	No EPA-compliant pollution controls
>	No alloy wheels
>	No chrome fittings (handles, cranks, etc)

Hmm.  My UK '84 Coupe GT has Oil temp/pressure guages and voltmeter, alloy
wheels, and used to have a blaupunkt radio cassette (it now has a much nicer
Kenwood :-)

>From reading the history of the Quattro, the 1983 RHD 80Q was
>a rush job to get a car into the UK market so they just took
>the LHD version and moved the steering gear.  The only other
>thing that changed was that a separate hydraulic clutch fluid reservoir 
>was installed on the drivers side rather than taking the fluid from
>the brake fluid reservoir.  The windshield wipers were left the
>same as on the LHD version which meant that they were "wrong" for
>a RHD car (notice how there is unswept area on your passenger side -
>try driving with that!).

My windscreen wipers are on the right way round, but a colleague of mine
has an '85 Golf with them on wrong.  Peculiar.



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