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Re: Shocks/Springs, brake lines

George Sabini writes:
> 	I'm looking for some suggestions of shock/springs (front & rear)
> 	for my 1985.5 4000S (not Q - this is my daily car).
> 	Nothing competition, just a logical upgrade now that I need to
> 	replace...  looking for a good price/performace ratio (ie.
> 	better than oem at oem or lower prices)

I have done a full suspension upgrade on my 4000 (non quattro).  It
rides on a set of Eibach Pro Kit progressive rate springs (which lower
the car about 1 inch), Koni hydraulic shocks (internally adjustable),
Audi Ur-quattro 23mm front anti-roll bar, and a Suspension Techniques
25mm rear anti-roll bar.  I also had a stress bar fabricated and installed
on the front shock towers.  The car has 15x6" Ronal R8 wheels and a
set of new, directional 205/50ZR15 BFG Comp T/A 3 tires.

This combination provides an immense improvement in handling.
The ride is pretty good on smooth roads and small bumps, but it
might be a bit stiff for some tastes on really bad roads.
To me it's tolerable, and a worthwhile sacrifice for the great
handling.  I suspect the stiffness is largely due to the Koni
shocks.  If one goes with somewhat softer shocks (such as Boge
Pro Gas) the ride would be better, possibly with some reduction
in the turn-in response.  Also, the big wheels and low profile tires
contribute to the stiff sensation.

The single biggest improvement one can make to the handling is
to get good tires.  Then, the anti-roll bars make the most
difference in handling without affecting the ride much.

There aren't too many vendors making suspension upgrades for the
Audi 4000/Coupe.  Apart from the Eibach springs, Suspension
Techniques also makes springs for these cars.  I believe the
S-T springs for the 4000/Coupe are linear rate rather than progressive,
which will give slightly better turn-in at the expense of a
stiffer ride.  S-T also makes a front anti-roll bar for the 4000/Coupe
that fits 1983.5 or later models.

As for shocks, fitment for the 4000/Coupe are available from Koni,
Bilstein, Boge, etc.

How much did it all cost?  The Eibach springs was $200 the set,
the Koni shocks $250 all around, the Audi front bar + clamps/bushings
was $210, and the S-T rear bar incl. hardware was $135.  These are
prices from about 3 years ago, so they are probably a bit higher now.
I installed the bars myself, and had New Dimensions (in Santa Clara, CA.)
install the springs and shocks for about $200.  Oh yeah, the shock
tower stress bar was $300 to custom fabricate and install by Motofab
(in Campbell, CA.).

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