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Re: 60K Audi Coupe Quattro Se


>Why are the brakes so )_(^&(*&^)*&^ expensive to replace???
>I am "95% gone on rear" and "75% gone on front" (this is the pads)

This is abit strange.  I've never seen the rears wear faster than the

>and to replace them would run a total of $800.00!!! Nevermind that
>at 45K miles (currently at 57K) they were "50% worn F/R"...

$800 is ludicrous.  Take it somewhere else, or just do it yourself.  Pads
are real easy.

>I don't quite understand why, if I am not currently into the rotors
>why the rotors must be replaced as part of getting new pads...
>Can anyone out there explain?  Is there a cheaper alternative

I'm no mechanic, yet I've done all my own maintanace on my 84 4000 Q, and I
would just replace the pads with, say, metalmasters, and maybe the fluid.
The whole thing wouldn't cost more than $150.  I didn't replace the front
rotors until about 120K and only spun the rears.  The only reason I did
that, was because I was getting a slight bit of fad during intence braking
during auto-x.  On the street they were more than adiquate.   ---JCG.