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Re: sway bars counterpoint


>..another alleged reason for the quattros' roll softness is that without
>an automatically rear LSD, there is too much risk of one of the inside
>wheels lifting under hard cornering, thus spinning all the power away.
>remember that in AWD, you have twice the number of wheels to "lose it"

I have never seen an stock Audi, or any other FWD/AWD car, lift an inside
front.  Now, the inside rear is quite common for FWD, but not as easy for
an AWD.  A bigger front bar will reduce this segnificantly.  The only real
draw back from a bigger bar is that it will tend to make the car understeer
more (push).  But with a little trailing throttle or braking into turns
will help combate this problem, yielding a faster cornering car.   I ran a
1.25" bar on the front of my 4000Q, wishing for more.   ---JCG.