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Re: sway bars counterpoint


>I tend to drive with a "rally-type" style, using power
>and the locked diffs to toss the rear end around and
>eliminate the otherwise inherent understeer of the driven
>front wheels.

This is usually not the fastest way around on a hard surface, when dealing
with a under powered car.  The adhesion differential is to drastic.  It's
to easy to blow it, and get to much oversteer which scrubs speed and
requires more acceleration to get going again, ie: slower times.  Keeping
all four wheels in contact with the ground will not only give you more
control, but provide a consistant result and consistantly faster times.
The trick is to keep the car on the edge, not over it.  If you have ever
been to nationals, or seen a fast driver of an underpowered car, you will
most likely NOT see any oversteer techinques used.  Less trailing throttle
and trail braking can optain the same "minimize understeer" effect while
still maintaining more predicable control.  It isn't as much fun as
swinging the tail ;-), but it will be faster on the average.  Now, on a
loose surface (gravel, dirt) the limits are so much lower and the delta
grip changes are smaller, which allows more time to "feel" and setup the
oversteer technique.  This makes it easier to control and theirfore more
predicable and undoubtably the fastest way.

>Running with locked diffs also creates a
>very effective if primitive form of ABS. You lock one
>wheel, you gottah lock at least three. It's real hard
>to lock three wheels.

I found that downshifting during braking does the same thing (without the
locks).  It's amazing how fast the car slows.

>Locking the rear diff seems to be the most critical, so
>I usually just lock 'em both. This seems to work equally
>well with the Turbo Coupe and the 4000 Quattro....

I found the car to be almost unsteerable with both diffs locked.  It is
really noticable in snow.  Do you ever run a video camera in your car
during your runs?  I would love to see how you are achieving turn in this

>I've got my Winter Beater (Tm) '84 4000Q setup so that
>I can lock just the center diff, or just the rear diff.
>Rear diff only is definitely the HOT SETUP for rally-
>style hang-the-rear-out-at-WFO-style turns. *EXCELLENT*
>in the snow and ice where these cars have so much #$%@#!#
>traction that they can actually be boring. :)

Sounds fun!  But it would be illegal to make that change and run in Solo II

>Please try to keep all this good stuff of the auto-x
>mailing list for obvious reasons. This is for fellow
>Quattro enthusiasts ONLY.

Don't worry about me.  I still think it's faster in the dry without the
locks.   ---JCG.