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Re: sway bars counterpoint

          "Scrub" is not really that much of a problem. I was
          concerned at first about this, but it just doesn't
          seem to metter that much (IMFO). The only time scrub can
          even be felt is when the start has a very sharp turn
          into the timer. When you get a setup like this you
          can feel the scrub because you are still going very
          slowly and turning very sharp at the same time. Once
          you get rolling the scrub effect pretty much disappears
          even in the sharpest of corners. This might bother other
          drivers more that me, you know, those "precision" types
          of drivers.....

          I tend to drive with a "rally-type" style, using power
          and the locked diffs to toss the rear end around and
          eliminate the otherwise inherent understeer of the driven
          front wheels. Running with locked diffs also creates a
          very effective if primitive form of ABS. You lock one
          wheel, you gottah lock at least three. It's real hard
          to lock three wheels.

          Locking the rear diff seems to be the most critical, so
          I usually just lock 'em both. This seems to work equally
          well with the Turbo Coupe and the 4000 Quattro. I think
          the effect is more noticable with the 4000Q due to the
          additional body roll and the much smaller sneakers,
          205-55-14 on 6" wheels vs 215-50-15 on 8" wheels, even
          though the TQC has almost 2x HP. It could also be due to
          much more seat time in the 4000Q, perhaps 10+ auto-xs
          vs only 4x in the TQC, and the TQC auto-xs were like
          2-3 years ago too, memory fading and all.

          I've got my Winter Beater (Tm) '84 4000Q setup so that
          I can lock just the center diff, or just the rear diff.
          Rear diff only is definitely the HOT SETUP for rally-
          style hang-the-rear-out-at-WFO-style turns. *EXCELLENT*
          in the snow and ice where these cars have so much #$%@#!#
          traction that they can actually be boring. :)            

          Rear diff only locked + snow = boring !NOT!

          Please try to keep all this good stuff of the auto-x
          mailing list for obvious reasons. This is for fellow
          Quattro enthusiasts ONLY.