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Re: sway bars counterpoint

> I have never seen an stock Audi, or any other FWD/AWD car, lift an inside
> front. 

seen any rally videos?

> Now, the inside rear is quite common for FWD, but not as easy for
> an AWD.  A bigger front bar will reduce this segnificantly.  The only real
> draw back from a bigger bar is that it will tend to make the car understeer
> more (push).  But with a little trailing throttle or braking into turns
> will help combate this problem, yielding a faster cornering car.   I ran a
> 1.25" bar on the front of my 4000Q, wishing for more.   ---JCG.

i guess i didn't make it very clear.. with AWD and free wheeling
differentials, it is important that the car rolls equally on both
ends, otherwise one inside wheel might lift and spin.
glen writes:
>           I find that I can get quite a bit of wheelspin from the
>           inside rear wheel when exiting corners hard. The best cure
>           I've found for this is to run with the diffs locked.

like a true rally driver!

>	 There
>           is a really amazing difference in the ability to accelerate
>           out of a corner with the diffs locked vs with them open.

how about scrub?  how bad is it?  is this on the koop or the 4000?
do you lock the rear diff too or just the center?