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Re: VW rear brake pads


>It's about time for me to replace the rear brake pads on Mrs. Gross' car,
>a 90 Jetta GLI.  So I look in the manual, and it tells me I need to
>screw in the rear calliper's pistons with some special VW tool, to get
>them retracted and make room for the new, full-depth pads.
>Question is, is this tool really anything special that I need to throw
>money at, or is it simply a big ol' socket or allen key?

If it's anything like my old Scirocco, the face of the piston has a large
and deap X groved into it for the special tool.  I just used a large
screwdriver and slid it in from the side into one of the groves of the X
and turned it that way.  Worked great, for you could only turn for about 90
deg. before hitting something with the screwdriver.  So then you just
reinsert into the other grove which was about 90 deg down from the one just
used.   ---JCG.