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Re: VW rear brake pads

>From: JGOEKE.UNIX11@mailsrv2.eldec.com (JGOEKE)
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>Subject: Re: VW rear brake pads
>Date: Wed, 28 Jul 93 12:18
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>>It's about time for me to replace the rear brake pads on Mrs. Gross' car,
>>a 90 Jetta GLI.  So I look in the manual, and it tells me I need to
>>screw in the rear calliper's pistons with some special VW tool, to get
>>them retracted and make room for the new, full-depth pads.
>>Question is, is this tool really anything special that I need to throw
>>money at, or is it simply a big ol' socket or allen key?
>If it's anything like my old Scirocco, the face of the piston has a large
>and deap X groved into it for the special tool.  I just used a large
>screwdriver and slid it in from the side into one of the groves of the X
>and turned it that way.  Worked great, for you could only turn for about 90
>deg. before hitting something with the screwdriver.  So then you just
>reinsert into the other grove which was about 90 deg down from the one just
>used.   ---JCG.

I just put rotors and new pads in a 85 GTI this past weekend. I turned the pistons
very carefully with channel locks while pushing in on the piston between turns.
It worked OK. Just be careful not to damage the boots.