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Idle valve problems

Hi Netters,
last weeekend we had the first really warm day for this summer
(I life in the NW) and my Audi 5000 CST developed the same
behaviour I experienced last summer. After the engine warms
up and I did some stop and go traffic the idle valve stops
working and the electronic disconnects it completely. To reset
the electronic you have to restart the car, then it works for a while
and quits again. Last summer I "cured" it by spraying brake cleaner
into the valve, first it worked for 2 months, then for 1 month, then
the weather cooled down and the problem went away completely. I got
the feeling that the brake cleaner stuff worked, but also that the
valve is goinging down hill anyway.
Now my questions, is it the correct behaviour of the electronic to
disconnect completely (in order to protect itself) or do I have a
problem besides the valve. Has anybody ordered such a beast at OEM
places like PAP etc.
Now, not to get bored about my car, there was a second problem
this weekend. We drove about 15 miles of gravel road and out of a
sudden my drivers side powered window moved down just by the vibration.
To add to the input, my wife drives about 3-4 miles gravel 4-5 times
a week to get to her horse, so there is reasonable stress on the car.
I haven't found time yet to open the door, I'm looking forward to it
tonight, but I saw in the Haynes manual that there is a hexnut at
the buttom of the glass which might clamp it onto the rest of the moving
mechanism. Again has anybody experinced this before or does the Bently
tell a little more. The Haynes shows the nut on a photo, but doesn't
say anything about it in the text. I still hope that it just vibrated
loose and that nothing else is broken, especially since I didn't run
the power moter when the window started to come down just by itself.

If there is a diffence in model years this is a '86 5000 CS Turbo w/ 130K

All hints are appreciated
- Hans

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