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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #20

AudiWatch Update #20 8-10-93

_The Economist_, July 31st-August 6th, 1993, page 60

General Motors and Volkswagen
  Volkswagen, Europe's biggest car maker, has been wounded in its duel
with General Motors over allegations of industrial espionage. Amid the
crossfire, Ferdinand Piech, the chairman of VW, predicted on July 28th
that the dispute was not about to end peacefully. That would be unfortunate
for Mr Piech, who continues to stand by his production chief, Jose Ignacio
Lopez, who defected from GM in March. If Mr Lopez is forced to go, Mr Piech's
loyality means he is now bound to follow..... (6 more paragraphs follow, Ed.)

_Business Week_, August 9, 1993, page 29 (full page)

VW figures its best defense may be a good offense

CEO Piech unleashes an attack on GM -- risking his own credibility

  Relaxed and boldly confident, VW's emabttled chief executive,
Ferdinand Piech, finally faced off against GM Corp. on July 28.
Since hiring former GM purcharsing czar Ignacio Lopez de Arriortua in March,
spokesmen for the German auto giant have fumbled and stonewalled in the
face of damaging GM allegations of industrial espionage against Lopez --
allegations he denies..........

.....The German stock market immediately read Piech's tough response as a sign
that the 55-year-old engineer will be able to limit any damage caused to VW
by the Lopez affair: VW's share price jumped 3.4%, to 209, on the Frankfurt
bourse in the hours after Piech's appearance..........

.....AUDI MISSTEP..... Indeed, crisis-management experts question whether
Piech is doing enough to stem a looming credibility crisis for VW and its
management.......... (full page article follows, Ed.)

AW, August 2, 1993, page 3



  Don't be surprised if the next thud you hear from Wolfsburg is the fall
of the warrior king toppling from his throne.
  Prosecutors in the ongoing industrial spying case against Inaki Lopez
and VW are closing in and more than one industry insider has speculated
that VW CHAIRMAN FERDINAND PIECH soon will grow weary of the bad ink and
hand Lopez his walking (and NO OTHER) papers.
  Much of VW's embarrassment has stemmed from repeated denials of Lopez's
involvement in the scam and the involvement of his "warriors" who 
defected with him from GM. But last week prosecutors claimed the former
GM purchasing czar ordered documents relating to GM's European strategy
translated into German in the weeks before his March departure to VW.
  German investigators discovered four boxes of GM-related materials in
the Wiesbaden flat of two former Opel managers who now work for Lopez 
at VW. Included were documents, over head slides and transparencies
relating to Opel's secret small-car project, the O-Car, as well as sales
strategies, cost-cutting programs and photos of the next-generation
Vectra and Astra.


  In less espionage-related news from VW, its US are announced that in early
1994, we'll see the 172 HP VR6 ENGINE IN THE GOLF, badged as the GTi, and
cmoing from Germany.
  The V6 engine is currently found in VW's Corrado SLC, Passat GLX and the
new Jetta III GLX, which is to come later this year.
  VW insiders promise a sticker price around $18,000 for the GTi, and less
than $20,000 for the Jetta GLX.

AUDIs in competition, upcoming events

------------------------------------              ******AUGUST 16-18th****** 

Lime Rock Motorsport Park, Lime Rock CT
August 16-18th. All Quattros and Audis are welcome. Includes driver's
school and skidpad used by the Skip Barber Racing School and time-trials
on the road course. Contact the Quattro Club at 612-938-3967 for more info.
Admission FREE for spectators.

December 3-5th, Rumford ME, rally headquarters
This is the REAL THING and the final event of the 1993 PRO RALLY season.
NOT TO BE MISSED! Admission FREE for spectators.

AUDIs in competition, results:

Round 3/Susquehannock Trail, Wellsboro, PA, June 4-6 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. Choiniere/Becker/Audi S-2 (2:20:11)
     2. Kreibich/Buffum/Quattro (2:20:43)
     3. Dimarco/Hauge/Legacy (2:21:47)

Round 2/Rim of the World, Palmdale CA, May 14-15 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker/Audi S-2 (2:50:24)
     2. Chad DiMarco/Erick Hauge/Subaru Legacy (2:53:55)
     3. Jeff Zwart/Tony Sircombe/Porsche Carrera (2:58:07)

Round 1/Wild West Opener, WA, April 23-25, '93 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. John Buffum/Jeff Becker/Audi S-2 (90 Coupe Quattro 20V Turbo) (2:14:35)
     2. Carl Merrill/Jon Wickens/Ford (2:18:03)
     3. J.Richard Corley/Martin Headland/Mitsubitchy (2:19:23)

Rim Divisional 2, Palmdale CA, May 15 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. Bawden/Coatsworth/Mitsubitchy Eclipse (2:03:19)
     2. Jardevall/Karleson/Saab 99 (2:04:43)
     3. Brasil/Nunes/Audi Quattro (2:08:01)

Fenceline 3, San Bernadico CA, April 10 (top 4 in class)
OPEN 1. Bawden/Eclipse (14:43)
     2. Tavares/Toy FX (15:03)
     3. R. Brasil/Quattro (15:36)
     4. J. Brasil/Quattro (15:43)

Solo Time Solo, Salina Kansas, April 23-35
HS 1. Carl Zelion/Audi Coupe GT (139.826)

Boise Divisional, Boise Idaho, April 17, '93
HS 1. James Herrud/Audi 4000

Buccaneer Divisional, Jacksonville FL, May 22-23 (top 2 in class)
HS 1. Kendrick/Celica (148.748)
HS 2. Batchelder/Quattro (157.798)

Event #6/Bayside National Tour, Boston MA, July 10 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (43.187)
   2. Sivret/Cavalier (45.327)

Event #4/Agusta Civic Center, Agusta ME, May 23, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (44.656)

Event #3/MA Safety Council, W. Boylston MA, May 2, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (35.113)
   2. Miller/Toyota Celica GT (35.463)
   3. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (39.091)

Event #2/Orange Airport, Orange MA, April 25, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (61.899)
   2. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (68.062)
   3. Miller/Toyota Celica GT (81.335)

Event #1/Horseneck Beach, MA, April 11, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (32.0686)
   2. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (35.7264)
   3. Abdalian/Toyota Tercel (37.1718)

NESCC (New England Sports Car Club)
Event #3/Orange Airport, Orange MA, June 6, '93 (top 5 in class)
PRO-DSP 1. G. Vincent/CRX (47.334)
PRO-DSPL2. A. Vincent/CRX (47.358)
PRO-DSP 3. Leverone/CRX (47.785)
PRO-ES  4. Varsell/Integra (48.000)
PRO-HS  5. G.Powell/4000 Quattro (49.820)

Event #2/Orange Airport, Orange MA (top 3 in class)
PRO-ES 1. Besso/VW GTI (44.385)
PRO-HS 2. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (46.311)
PRO-DS 3. Leverone/Honda (49.034)

Event #1/Orange Airport, Orange MA, April 18, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (57.243)
   2. Draper/Saab 99 (61.429)
   3. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (61.566)

AUDIs of interest FOR SALE:

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 1985, 1 of 75, many mods, very fast, xlnt. cond,
$18,000. 303-893-8800 or 303-691-8995. CO
(collectors, enthusiasts, this is the year to own! Ed.)

'83 AUDI QUATTRO Turbo Coupe -- Rare. 69K miles. Extras. 8" rims.
Great condition. $12.5K/OBO. 408-375-4294. CA

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 1983 -- Silver/Brn cloth, 83K mi, good cond, Yok AVS,
interdediate, $8K/OBO 310-384-3455/days/eves MD

'83 AUDI TURBO COUPE QUATTRO -- Wht, only 30K mi, immac. cond, mod to
ABT specs., awesome. $17K. Auto Fitness. 310-575-0075

1982 AUDI TURBO QUATTRO CPE -- silver/Brn lthr. Vin #WAUDC0856CA900650,
Glasurit paint 4/94, A008's, Konis, 5000TQ wheels, JVC CD pullout, way
too many new & rebuilt components to list, incl. new short block &
clutch assy, rebuilt head & turbo. Many spares incl.orig. short block,
turbo, wheels, etc. A blast to drive. $15K inv., will take Best Offer.
412-264-3300/days; 412-429-0443/eves. PA

JH Motorsport offers for sale its unique 1993 six-speed AUDI QUATTRO S4 SPORT.
This performance sedan comes equipped with a 300 HP Lehmann turbocharged
20-valve engine with a special tuned exhaust, as well as sport suspension,
performance brakes, and 17-inch alloy wheels fitted with Michelin MXX3
radials. For more information, contact JH Motorsport, 297 Grosse Pines Dr,
Rochester, MI 48309; 313-651-2685


AUDI Quattro Wagon, 5000/100/200, turbo or non-turbo
Around $5000.00, NE area, condition more important than miles
AUDI 4000 Quattro, early model (82/83), stripper, no sunroof, etc.
Around $2000. Rough body/paint/interior OK.
Call glen at 1-800-526-8255 x767 or email powell@interlan.interlan.com

1985 or 1986 AUDI COUPE Quattro -- low miles (86? Ed.)
Excellent condition. No re-paints.
919-676-9404/e.; 361-4164/d. NC

-glen, Vorsprung durch Technik!