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Re: Computer chip for 1990 200TQ

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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 93 11:10:45 PDT
From: phamh@dt.wdc.com (Hien Pham (Phamh) x7669)
To: quattro@aries.east.sun.com, eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu
Subject: Computer chip for 1990  200TQ

I've talked to a local dealer this morning and learned that for $500 he can
installed a computer chip in the 10V 1990 200TQ to boost the its performance 

which would exceed that of a 20V 1991 200TQ (only available in 1991) . Does  
know how this works and whether or not its a good thing to do ?

My mail keeps bouncing every time I post to this newsgroup . Any idea why ?



I know several people who have done the intended accelaration mod, they have  
been quite happy. I didn't have the grand to shell out, so I bypassed the MAP  
sensor in my 200TQ by installing a bleeder valve. I set the boost to around 1.8  
bar and the sucker hums right along.  (you can't really ask for more boost than  
this without the new chip because the ignition timing is not retarded enough  
for high boost)

but believe me, this car is running a hell of a lot faster than stock.   
warning: install a boost gauge if  you decide to bypass the map sensor computer  
since you can easily blow up your turbo if you don't know how much boost you  
are running. 

if anybody wants specifics, mail me privately and I will send them out.

sincerely, stu

Stuart Hamlyn
Motorola Inc.
Applied Research MS 71
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