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Re: Computer chip for 1990 200TQ

> From hamlyn@pts.mot.com Tue Aug  3 09:35:38 1993
> To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
> Subject: Re: Computer chip for 1990  200TQ
> Reply-To: stuart_hamlyn@pts.mot.com
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> I know several people who have done the intended accelaration mod, they have  
> been quite happy. I didn't have the grand to shell out, so I bypassed the MAP  
> sensor in my 200TQ by installing a bleeder valve. I set the boost to around 1.8  
> bar and the sucker hums right along.  (you can't really ask for more boost than  
> this without the new chip because the ignition timing is not retarded enough  
> for high boost)
> but believe me, this car is running a hell of a lot faster than stock.   
> warning: install a boost gauge if  you decide to bypass the map sensor computer  
> since you can easily blow up your turbo if you don't know how much boost you  
> are running. 
> if anybody wants specifics, mail me privately and I will send them out.
> sincerely, stu
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Is this a safe things to do in the long run ? If this is this easy, why doesn't
everybody do it ? What is the advantage of the IA method versus yours, Stuart ?
Could you elaborate ?