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turbo boost adjustment

          A couple of points,

          1) It's the engine that you'll blow up, not the turbo
             detonation kills pistons, head gaskets and bearings,
             to name a few expensive parts

          2) high boost and detonation won't hurt the turbo

          3) MSD makes a knock sensor display unit. You mount a
             sensor on the engine block and the display unit 
             inside the cockpit. The display has a bar-graph
             readout and an audi alert. I consider this almost
             mandatory when plating around with increased boost
             levels. This unit can warn of detonation *LONG*
             before you will ever be able to hear it. It can
             detect differences in fool quality of 1-2 octane
             points and differences of 1-2 PSI in boost levels.
             Plain and simple IT WORKS and it's real cheap insurance.
             I think I got mine from Pegasus Racing or Jeg's.

          4) An aftermarket boost guage is definitely *MANDATORY*.
             If you are using the described "fake out the computer"
             method, be sure that the boost guage is connected to
             the intake manifold, and NOT to the line that goes
             to the computer, if that line does not see the real
             boost level due to the bleeder valve. Most turbo
             boost guages only go to like 15 PSI. I suggest using
             a VDO fool pressure guage, electric, that goes up to
             30 PSI. The OEM boost guages are not accurate and only
             go up to 14 PSI relative (2 BAR) max.

          vorsprung durch technik,