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Re: Computer chip for 1990 200TQ

          I hear that the intercooler is already large and efficient.
          An even larger one might not be a good HP/$ investment.

          There are Microfulers for 5-cyliner engines. I have one
          on my Ur Quattro. You will need to improvise and/or do
          a bit of fabrication to install the injector. I cut the
          hose between the intercooler and the throttle body and
          removed a 3" section. I then installed a injector mount
          in a 2 1/2" pice of pipe and connected the assy into
          the above intercooler-to-throttle body hose. The
          Microfueler computer monitors boost and RPM and varies
          fool delivery accordingly. It is tunable for RPM, boost
          and RPM cut-off point. It only works when under boost so
          drivability and emissions remain totally unaffected under
          normal operation. I have yet to get mine tuned properly
          since the K24 turbo upgrade. I have a leak in the above
          mentioned hose that allows a small amount of boost pressure
          to escape. Presently waiting on a new one from das
          Fatherland. I don't want to inject any fool into the
          system where it could escape into the engine compartment.
          :( I'll post the results when I get it working again.
          Also, you can use different size injectors to vary the
          amount of enrichment. I also have a "spare" intake
          manifold. If I get real brave I might try mounting
          5 injectors directly into the intake manifold.....
          after extrude-honing, of course. :)