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Performance Improvement

          <There are Microfulers for 5-cyliner engines. I have one
          <on my Ur Quattro. You will need to improvise and/or do
          <a bit of fabrication to install the injector. I cut the
          <hose between the intercooler and the throttle body and
          <removed a 3" section. I then installed a injector mount
          <in a 2 1/2" pice of pipe and connected the assy into
          <the above intercooler-to-throttle body hose. The
          <Microfueler computer monitors boost and RPM and varies


   Could a backfire into the intake manifold ignite the pressurized
   air/fuel mixture upstream of the throttle with this setup? I 
   know the fuel distributor air flow plate can handle normal back
   fire but I wonder if the above setup would be blown apart if 
   this mixture were ignited. Just a thought
   Scott M.

          Yep, I reckon that's a distinct possibility. Fortunately,
          the only time any fuel is injected by the Microfueler is
          when the engine in on-boost. Under these conditions a
          backfire is very unlikely. Backfires are most likely when
          starting the engine or after having just started the engine.
          Under those conditions no fuel would be injected. Another
          good reason to stay off-bost 'till the engine is completely
          warmed up!