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Performance Improvement

          <There are Microfulers for 5-cyliner engines. I have one
          <on my Ur Quattro. You will need to improvise and/or do
          <a bit of fabrication to install the injector. I cut the
          <hose between the intercooler and the throttle body and
          <removed a 3" section. I then installed a injector mount
          <in a 2 1/2" pice of pipe and connected the assy into
          <the above intercooler-to-throttle body hose. The
          <Microfueler computer monitors boost and RPM and varies


	  Could a backfire into the intake manifold ignite the pressurized
	  air/fuel mixture upstream of the throttle with this setup? I 
	  know the fuel distributor air flow plate can handle normal back
	  fire but I wonder if the above setup would be blown apart if 
	  this mixture were ignited. Just a thought
	  Scott M.