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Re: Performance Improvement for Audi V8

> Superchips Inc. sells a performance chip for the Audi V8.  

i wonder what it will do... my v8 is already having problems with 92
octane fuel.. apparently 92 isn't high enough and on hard acceleration
the management system retards the ignition then tries to reset it back,
which leads to an irritating surging, uneven delivery in power.  this
happens with a hot engine and is less noticeable when cold.

since there's no 94 octane around here, i was wondering if anybody
knew anything about octane boosters.  the dealer rep. told me not to
use the 104 octane stuff because it will corrode the cylinder walls.
(the v8 uses silicon etched aluminium for the block).  so is there
any other octane boosters that i can try that will not harm the

how about you racing types?  (esp. those with highly boosted cars :) )