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Re: Questions about tire stuff....

vws and audis seem to have very intimately matched wheel widths and
tire widths..  i am not sure how increasing the tire width without
increasing the wheel width will do to handling.  it may not
necessarily improve it.  for one thing it will make road noise worse..
one of the achilles heels of the cars.

the regular 100/200's have 6 inch wheels with either 195 or 205 tires.
factory equipped cars with 225 tires come with *8* inch wheels e.g.
S4, post 85 quattro koop.  cars with 215 tires have 7.5 inch wheels
and the newer cars with 205 tires have 6.5 inch wheels.. go figure.

any experts on this topic?


p.s. i noticed that the ill handling 1st generation acura legend has 205/60
tires on *5.5* inch wheels!