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Performance Improvement for Audi V8

I have a 1993 S4 and I also have octane problems.  I think my problem
is more serious though.  If the engine is revving at 2000 to 3000 rpm
and I step on the gas (it does not have to be all the way) I can hear
jingle coming from the engine.  It seems to me that the car is
somehow knocking.  

I took it to the dealer and the diagnostics showed that everything is
working to spec.  We then took the car for a test drive and the
service manager recommended using a different gasoline brand.  I was
using Shell SU2000 (92 octane) and I switched to Amoco Ultra (93
octane) and no improvement.  Then I tried Sunoco Ultra (94 octane) and
the same story.  I used to have a 1991 200TQ and the engine didn't
make those jingle/knocking sound so I don't know what to do at this
point other than drive it until the problem goes away or turn for the
worse.  I might also try the Superchip for the S4 and see if it solves
the problem.

I also feel that the performance of the S4 is highly variable.
Sometimes it shoots up like a rocket, and sometimes it doesn't feel as
fast.  But of course, this is pure perception because I have no
quantitative data to support this statement.  This car gives me the
same impression as all other Audis I had.  When you have the pedal to
the metal, Audis accelerate smoothly but when you're letting off the
gas, you feel they jump faster when you cross the 4/5 mark.  Am I the
only one who notices this on Audis ?  My conclusion is that Audis
don't  accelerate their best when you have the pedal to the metal.
Somewhere around 4/5 of gas is optimum.

Other than that, the car has been lots of fun to drive and its looks
are eye catching.  It's not a common car (non of the new Audis are
around here, central New Jersey) so people usually ask me what
brand/model this car is (it does not say Audi anywhere, and the S4
name is engraved in a small metal tag, almost invisible).  The Valet
parking people park this car in the show section with the hot cars
(although once they charged me $2 extra for that !?).

I have not been able to find the cornering limits of this car and I
think I would never be able to do that on public roads.  I've taken
really hard turns and it feels that you can push the car much more. (I
have the 225/50ZR16 on 16x8 wheels; I think the wheels are Pluton OZ).
The seats are great.  It took me a long time to adjust everything
(seat plus steering) to the "right" position but I think I finally got
it.  Breaking is a lot of fun too (little nose dive even at obscene
speeds) although I always check my rearview mirror before braking
hard.  I already have my first speeding ticket too (car is red so that
doesn't help) because the car is just too fast and smooth and I
pressed on the gas all the way to pass a truck (third gear), I didn't
pay attention to the speedometer so when I was done passing the truck
I was already going 85 mph.  This happen in Pennsylvannia so as long
as I pay for the ticket on time ($140) it does not get posted on my
driver's license.

I'm going to be at the Lime Rock safety seminar in two weeks with the
Quattro Club.  I've never done any of that stuff.  Is it really a good
idea to change the break fluid to DOT 4 ?  I'll get new oil.  Are
there other preparation tips that will help protect the car and my
safety ?

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   Date: Thu, 5 Aug 93 09:09:58 EDT
   From: David.Tahajian@east.sun.com (David Tahajian - Sun BOS Software)

   mobil, exxon, citgo, and other's "super" is 93 octane, 
   and sunoco "ultra" is 94.  I would try one of these before 
   any boosters (if available in your area). 
   happy motoring

	   -dave t.

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   > Superchips Inc. sells a performance chip for the Audi V8.  

   i wonder what it will do... my v8 is already having problems with 92
   octane fuel.. apparently 92 isn't high enough and on hard acceleration
   the management system retards the ignition then tries to reset it back,
   which leads to an irritating surging, uneven delivery in power.  this
   happens with a hot engine and is less noticeable when cold.

   since there's no 94 octane around here, i was wondering if anybody
   knew anything about octane boosters.  the dealer rep. told me not to
   use the 104 octane stuff because it will corrode the cylinder walls.
   (the v8 uses silicon etched aluminium for the block).  so is there
   any other octane boosters that i can try that will not harm the

   how about you racing types?  (esp. those with highly boosted cars :) )


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