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Looking for a used car....

>From mlr Mon Aug  2 08:15:11 1993
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Subject: Re:  Looking for used cars
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		To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
	Subject: Looking for used cars
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	I am looking for a used car or a new car under $16,000 and so far I can't
	be satisfied with anything other than an Audi, as far as cost and 
        performance and appearance is concerned. 

	I almost bought a 75K mile 1984 5000s for US$2000 with sunroof problem 
        (you can raise its tail up and down but can't slide it back), driver's 
        window not funtioning, something wrong with the battery, very hard 
        steering, and a constant clicking noise in the glove compartment.)
	My heart tells me to get something with turbo and a little newer.

	The local newspaper has an ad for an 86 5000ST asking $4700, leather 
        int. with new trans, power steering, brakes, and tires all under warranty.
	A local dealer here quoted me $13,800 for a 1990 200 Quattro Turbo with 
        44K miles and asked another $1000 for a year of extended warranty.

	Which choice would you choose ? 

	Has any of you Audi fanatics settled with another car other the Audi's ?
	What do you think of an 1988 Acura Legend LS coupe ?

	-Hien (not a rich bum) just can't seem to think of other cars other than Audi's.

Hi Hien,
I looked very seriusly at ACURA LEGENDS before buying my 89 AUDI 100.  I drove
9 legends ranging from 87's to 89's from base with cloth and no sunroof, to
the LS model with leather and power sunroof/seats/etc/.....  Here are my comments
and opinions.......
1-  The automatic was a dog, Unless you planted yout foot on the floor and wound
    it up to ludicrous RPM's I think the audi would take it. (The turbo would
    definitely smoke it....)  Even though the acura has 30 more hp then the audi.
    The 5 speed on the other hand was pretty good, I took it thru an onramp at
    about 65 and redlined it in 3rd and 4th coming out then stood on it in 5th
    and it cruised up to 120+ pretty quickly (no, the dealer didn't come with me.
    .....dope :-)
2-  The more cars I drove the more I began to notice that the legend was looking
    very familiar to me.  I looks pretty much like a bigger accord inside( my 
    wife had an 89 lxi), which is ok but I was looking for something a little
3-  I found the legends a little overpriced.  Typically around new england an
    88 ls coupe with say 50k or less miles would cost approx. 15k or so.  I was
    looking at sedans and I compared an 88 ls sedan around 50k for 15k then the
    AUDI 100 with almost identical mileage and options for 10k I went with the
    AUDI, besides the 89-91's have a much better interior in my opinion than the
4-  As far as reliability goes two of the cars where private sales, they both
    showed me pages of receipts showing how much work was done to the cars by
    the dealer.  They thought I would be impressed with the fact that they
    brought their cars to the dealer. I wasn't, there were too many thing's 
    that went wrong with them to impress me.
again these are just my observations and opinions, if my wife wasn't going
to inherit the AUDI in the next 3 or so years,  I might have bought a legend
with the 5 speed, but my wife can't drive a 5 speed, and after almost commiting
hary cary last time I tried to teach her.  I decided to buy the automatic.:-)
BTW, I'd kill to trade my 100 for a 200 quattro!!!! even money...:-)
Mike L.

Happy car hunting!!!