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Re: Performance Improvement f


>I'm going to be at the Lime Rock safety seminar in two weeks with the
>Quattro Club.  I've never done any of that stuff.  Is it really a good
>idea to change the break fluid to DOT 4 ?  I'll get new oil.  Are
>there other preparation tips that will help protect the car and my
>safety ?

I have done simular track days in my 4000Q and this is what i've noted.
The car ran cool, brakes never faded or even got real warm.  At Seattle
International Raceway, I was in third and fourth gear most the time, with
one down shift to 2nd at 3B, and to fifth on the front straight with a top
speed of about 100.

The S4 should be a lot faster (I wish I had one...;-) ), with top speed
around 120 on a typical track, but since your car is so new, I wouldn't
bother with the brake fluid.  I would change the oil before the event.
Basically, I would check all fluids before the event.  The club should be
doing a rather extensive inspection of the car during tech of the event.

One area I would be concerned with is tires.  The audi's are hard on front
tires.  I would run pressures in the 40 to 45psi range.  If your tires have
more than 4 to 6/32 of tread, you will most likely wear them excessively on
the outside of the fronts.  The S4 has some nice meat on it, and might not
be that hard on the tires, but my car at 2750 lbs will chew up 195 or
205/60/14s at will.

My street tires are newish (8 to 10/32nds) and I didn'nt want to trash
them, so I went to my local tire shop, and got two leftover used tires with
only 2 to 4/32 on them, put them on the front and pumped them upto 45psi.
I was able to get decent rubber (tread wear around 150-200) for about $10 a
tire.  I have done two track events (~1/5 hours each) on these tires, and
they are holding up quite well.  I figure at least two more events on these
tires.  My car has koni adjustables and full (-1 deg) camber, which helps.
I switch back to my regular tires at the end of the summer.  Since your
tires are a lot nicer and harder to find, this may not be a realistic
option.  The key is, low tread and higher pressures for longer tire life on
the track.   ---JCG.