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Re: Steel wheels for snow tires?

  I bought snows from the guy I bought my car from.  He had some Conti snow tires

on Audi steel wheels.  I'll have to check on the width, but they are
15" diameter with (something like) 185/75-15 tires.  He liked them, and I'll
be finding out in several months, just how good they are.  In the latest European

Car, they talk about street legal race tires and show some Michelin Rally
tires (along with others).  I'd really love them (with 6-ply sidewalls and
about 1 inch of tread), but I fear it would get costly!
BTW, I have also heard that narrow tires are better in the winter due to
the longer,narrower contact patch which cuts through the show to find traction.
Could also be a smaller contact patch which would put more pressure on the 
ground to melt the snow under the tire better. (don't imagine the melting goes
on once you get rolling though).


          The cost of the Michelins is likely stratospheric, if you
          could get them at all, and I don't think you'd be happy with
          their dry-weather performance and noise anyhows. If you are
          serious about killer snowtires check out the Nokia
          Hakkapalliitta (sp?) 10s. They are killer in the snow and
          acceptable in the dry. Many of the Pro Rally Quattros are
          running on the Nokias now.....