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Steel wheels for snow tires?

It's a bit early to worry about this, but as the list is full of tire
talk these days...I keep seeing ads for mail-order snow tires that mention
steel wheels.  I have an '88 5000CS turbo non-quattro with 15" stock alloys
(15 by 6.5? takes 205/60 R15 tires).  Any suggestions on studded snows, and
is it worth buying the snows with steel wheels?  The wheels offered by
mail-order are a lot more expensive than those for other Audis (over $110
each) -- better to save my money and just have the snows mounted on the
alloys when winter comes?

Also, if I buy wheels for winter, should I go for narrower ones?  One
school of thought has it that narrower tires are better for ice.


          Go with the narrowest tires and wheels (within reason) that
          you can find. At over $110 each for steel, you might be able
          to find a set of used alloys at that price! Shop around.
          Studs are great in snow & ice, not so hot in the wet and the
          dry. Very noisy. Might be worth it in a non-Quattro