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RE: Steel wheels for snow tires?

I have an 86 5000CS TQ.  The first winter I had it (87-88), I figured I could
get away without snow tires.  After all, the car has 4WD and ABS, and weighs
3700+ lbs.  The first storm that winter was deep wet slippery snow. I learned
that the car can *go* on just about any surface, and climb any hill (without
even locking the differentials).  But I found that the car doesn't *stop*!  The
wide stock road tires act like a steamroller and ride-up on the snow. The
result - No stopping traction. I slid off the 1st exit ramp. Yes the ABS was
thumping away, but it still wouldn't stop the car. Very scary. 

Audi recommends 185/65?-15 for snow tires, so I put 4 on. It worked!  I was
"thinking" of putting the snow on the alloy wheels until a friend showed me 2
of his pot-hole ruined alloys. I got steel wheels from Eurotire for ~$60-$80
apiece.  Later that winter, I hit a pothole and ruined a tire and dented a
steel wheel. It's the only way to go driving the wonder roads of NH and MA in

I bought Conti TS780's (I think). They are quiet, smooth, and great on wet
roads and snow.  Just don't try 1g turns until spring...