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Bent wheel repair was: Steel wheels for snow tires?

For those interested in the repair of bent/deformed rims, I recommend:

        7281 Washington Blvd, Elkridge, MD 21227
        (800) 526-8260
	(410) 796-8400
The shop was originally recommended by abd@cadre.com in April on this
list.  I had an out of round Audi alloy wheel put back into service
for a fraction of what a new rim would have cost.  I dropped it off on
a Thursday and picked it up the following Monday, w/tire mounted and

The shop is small and most of the work (from what I could tell) is
done by the proprietor.  He said that he has wheels coming in from all
over the US and some from outside too.  I saw an article done by a
trade journal on his shop in his office.  The article stated that he
had worked on turbines for the Baltimore electric company and applied
his knowldege of alloy properties to auto wheels.  There also were
before pictures of wheels in the article that I would have assumed
were junk, if I had not seen the after pictures.  There were wheels of
similar condition in the shop.

I have no connection with the business other than as a satisfied

alden jackson@ee.udel.edu

My opinions and a quarter might get you 15 minutes of meter parking in
downtown DC.