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Re: Steel wheels for snow tires?

For snow tires, check out Vredestein (sp?) Snow+ or Snowstar tires.
They are noisy, but they work, they don't cost too much, and they
wear pretty well even when driven hard.

Sometimes the choice is snow tires, or park the Audi.  An Audi with
snow tires is way more fun than any 4WD truck.  [Probably a safe
opinion on this mailing list.]

On the original subject, I like having a second set of alloys for the
snow tires.  Found some BBS "RA" alloys on close-out.  They're very
similar to the original-equipment BBS wheels on my 80 Quattro, without
the stupid plastic hubcaps.

The corrosion problem I have is with the Audi hubs, not with the wheels.