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Re: Euro/US Naming

The North American market had various different names.  There was
some discussion on this mailing list in December.  I wrote:

> Sure, the 5000 was the 100 renamed for the North American market.
> There were two name changes.  I think the first (100 to 5000) was to
> try to get some distance from the Audi problems of the 1970s, which are
> legion.  The second name change (5000 back to 100) was probably due to
> Mike Wallace, 60 Minutes, unintended acceleration, and "pedal
> misapplication."  Do name changes help?  I don't know.

Both the 100 and 200 were sold here as the 5000, with various suffixes
denoting equipment level.

The 80 was introduced here as the Fox.  After the 100->5000 change,
both the 80 and 90 were sold here as the 4000, again with various
suffixes.  The 80/90 coupe was sold here without a numeric badge,