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RE: Odd noises

There are "strut bearings" on top of the strut that wear out.  They make
crunchie noises when they are bad, but it doesn't really hurt anything.  The
bearing is a plastic ring about the diameter of the front spring. It sits on
top of the spring between the body (strut tower) and the strut. They are a pain
to get out since you  have to remove the whole strut assembly. I had mine done
a while back and it made the steering smooth and quiet.

While your at it, replace the rubber strut mounting flange-thingie that holds
the top of shock to the body.

This is a fairly common 5000 problem.  If you don't fix this, nothing really
bad happens. The little nylon roller bearings inside the ring get pitted from
dirt etc. I took the old ones apart to look.  They worked fine, but made noise
due to the non-perfect bearing surface.

Have fun,

From:	US1RMC::"gooley@netcom.com" "Mark. Gooley" 25-AUG-1993 12:06:09.35
To:	quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
Subj:	Odd noises

Various strange clunks when I steer my '88 5000 CST at low speeds.  I had
the car checked at the local dealership (all the places I've tried are
expensive, and the dealer is at least walking distance from work) and
they blamed worn strut bushings: "they're not expensive, but they take a
lot of time and trouble to replace."  Plausible?


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